Sernak History
Sernak Group was founded in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey and from 2001 Sernak Group started its operations in building materials and wooden products sector. Today it has 6 production sites and 3 sales offices in Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sernak Group continuously gains its reputation and trust from leading customers worldwide as we practice the quality control follow the international standard to ensure the efficiency of production and management system.
Foundation of Sernak company in Istanbul, Turkey
Foundation of first Particle board mill with a capacity of 300.000 m3/year in Thailand, Rayong
Establishing of Tropico Holding in Istanbul, Turkey
Foundation of MDF Plant with a capacity of 200.000 m3/year in Thailand, Rayong
Foundation of Plywood mill with a capacity of 250.000 m3/year in Vietnam, Hanoi
Foundation of Geotextiles factory in Ushak, Turkey
Foundation of the first OSB plant with a capacity of 500.000 m3/year in Thailand, Rayong
Istanbul – Head office
Thailand – Particle board mill, MDF plant, OSB plant
Vietnam – Plywood mill
Ushak, Turkey – Geotextiles factory
3 Global brands
6 production sites
3000 + employees
3 sales offices
Sernak mission and vision
Vision -To transform usage of wood panel around the world through continuous innovation.

Mission - To focus on the highest quality, using the most productive operations and be accountable to all our stakeholders including Nature.

Chairman's message

Sernak Group operating since 1998 is young but dedicated Turkey based company committed to apply its most adequate resources to achieve its mission: to create an efficient and sustainable investment portfolio focusing on accountability, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

As dedicated Investor, we are driven by passion and inspiration in everyday work. Our vision is: We strive to be a company who professionally, efficiently and in sustainable way manages investments, and creates difference by introducing best business practices in Turkey and all around the world.

As Investor, we are very proud with accomplishments up to date, we aim at expanding in the nearest future, increase our revenue, and remain committed to our social responsibility.

I express gratitude to our shareholders, managers and employees - our leading force for their endeavors and immense effort in the accomplishments and success we gain as Sernak Investments and for leading to this level. I strongly believe that in a short time we will be the employer people will be even more eager to work for.

We continue to plan and work according to plans set, never forgetting to dream. To have a dream, passion and enthusiasm are crucial enablers for making success long term.

Hasan Can
Chairman of Sernak Group